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cym events in 2008

ISEA 2008

ISEA 2008
July 25 - August 03, 2008, Singapore

Cym will give four presentations at ISEA 2008. Besides presenting three of her own projects, she will also present the Aether9 project. The schedule for the conference can be found at the ISEA2008 website.

>> Aether9
>> ISEA2008

Smenj smeti - Waste fair

Smenj smeti - Waste fair
July 19, 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cym will present some of her recycling objects in the exhibition 'Smenj smeti' in Gallery Škuc in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The opening of this exhibition is on Saturday, July 19, 2008. The exhibition will be open during the festival 'Dobimo se pred Škucem', every day from July 20 till July 27, from 17:00 on.

Regionale08 - Walkersdorf - Center of the World

Walkersdorf - Center of the World
July 4-6, 2008, Walkersdorf, Austria

The project 'Walkersdorf - Center of the World' will be presented as part of the Regionale08 on July 4, 5 and 6, and on August 15, 16 and 17. For this project an old farm in a small village in Southeast Austria has been transformed into a media-installation.

>> Regionale 08

Workshop webdesign 'Net and Nature' at Styrian summer_art

Workshop webdesign 'Net and Nature' at Styrian summer_art
June 30 - July 3, Pöllau bei Hartberg, Austria

For the first time cym will give her well-known workshop webdesign as part of the Styrian summer_art festival. In her workshops cym usually motivates the participants to use the local surroundings as a start for creating their first website. Besides carefully explaining all the basics of HTML, she encourages the workshop participants to go for a walk and collect local impressions that together with the first HTML basics will merge into a website.

The results of this workshop will be presented on July 13, 2008 in the castle in the center of Pöllau.

>> More info is at the Styrian summer_art website.

International Biennial of Miniature Art

Cym at the International Biennale of Miniature art
April 2008, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

Cym has contributed three miniature works for the 9th Biennal of Miniature Art in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia in April 2008. Her works include a recycling wallet made of a 'Moja Kravica' tetrapak, a 30 seconds video that shows the making of the wallet and a 10x10cm painting of the old design of the 'Moja Kravica' tetrapak. The opening of the Biennal will be on April 19, 2008 in Gornji Milanovac.
Here is the Gornji Milanovac Biennial website.

>> The contribution from cym for the Biennial
>> The 30 seconds movie of Oskar creating a Moja Kravica tetrapak.

The Kabinet - Society of Domestic Research

Cym at the Kabinet of the Domestic Research Society
April 17, 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia

On April 17, 2008 cym will install one of the Wd8 surveillance cameras at the Kabinet in the courtyard behind Škuc Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Originally the camera was part of the installation 'Going Blind' by the BROCCOLI Art group in Udine in September 2007. After Udine it moved to Wd8 in Austria. Now it will be installed permanently at the entrance of the Kabinet. The camera will be installed and switched on live by cym on Thursday, April 17, in the afternoon.

>> Domestic Research Society
>> The Kabinet
>> Going Blind

Squant at Talking the Fish

live concert
November 13, 2007 - 19:00

Squant [ursprung & cym] live in the MedienKunstLabor in Graz. Final evening of 'Talking the Fish'.

>> Listen to the recording of Squant live at the MedienKunstLabor

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