No Men's Land

Wd8 - Art in the Pigsty

CYM - 1973 - Working together with several international artist groups, such as '42', 'Aether9' and 'Acryl'. In her work she challenges the viewer to look at every day life situations from a different perspective. By making minimal interventions in every day life situations, she creates a fascinating language of images, presented in many different projects.


2012 November - Exhibition in the Basement of the Art Building, Harmelen, The Netherlands
2012 November - Museum Exhibition by ACRYL in Kunsthalle Feldbach, Feldbach, Austria
2012 November - Participant in the exhibition 'Jeroen Bosch' in Theatre Pantalone, IJsselstein, The Netherlands
2012 October - Documentation for ACRYL - Women Museum Circus Phase 03
2012 October - Participant in the exhibition 'Jeroen Bosch' in H2O, Harmelen, The Netherlands
2012 September - Workshop at the Moving School at the Documenta, Kassel, Germany
2012 September - Participant at Atelierroute Groot Woerden, The Netherlands
2012 August - Solo-Exhibition 'Cym at Home' at gallery 44QM, Hartberg, Austria
2012 July-August - Musem Women Circus - Phase 03 - Festival by ACRYL at Pavelhaus, Laafeld, Austria
2012 July - Workshop at the Glückswochen, Vulkanland, Austria
2012 July - Installation and performance at Liquid Music, Judenburg, Austria
2012 April - Participant at 'Te Hooi Te Kunst', Groene Hart, Woerden, The Netherlands
2012 April - Workshop at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdan, The Netherlands
2012 February - Workshop at the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia
2012 February - Participant at exhibition 'Do I know you?', Sarnámihuis, The Hague, Netherlands
2012 January - Studio presentation at 'Zin in Zondag', Harmelen, The Netherlands


2011 December - 'Oscar in China' - 28 min. film -
2011 December - Museum exhibition by ACRYL - Museum im Rathaus, Gleisdorf, Austria
2011 November - Documentation for ACRYL - Women Museum Circus Phase 02
2011 October - Participant at exhibition 'Inspiration', Sarnámihuis, The Hague, Netherlands
2011 September - Installation at ACRYL - MuseumFrauenCircus, Schloss Hainfeld, Feldbach, Austria
2011 July - 'The Artist Can't Dance' - interactive installation, Rietveld Graduation Show, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011 June - 'The Artist As Avatar' - thesis for my graduation at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011 February - Workshop HTML/Webdesign, University of Arts Nova Gorica, Ljubljana, Slovenia


2010 December - Documentation for ACRYL - Women Museum Circus Phase 01
October - All Souls Berlin - Aether9 workshop week and performance at Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, Berlin, Germany
October - 'Into the Unknown' - visit to the Middle East, publications and video installation
2010 September - Website for Orca Luna - - together with Annette Vlug
2010 August - Connecting Arts and Recycling - Presentation at ISEA2010, Dortmund, Germany
June - 'Liquid Music' - interactive installation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010 April - Aether9 'Ghoststudy' at the Performance Art Festival in Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010 March - 'The Order Of Things', a collection of structures in everyday life situations, Netherlands
2010 February - Workshop HTML/Webdesign, University of Arts Nova Gorica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2010 February - 'The Fragmented Wall' - installation, presented in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2009 December - Participant at exhibition 'Before we take Manhattan', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009 October - Two animations at Fanima.Tu, Animation Festival Trzin, Slovenia
2009 September - Participant at 'Belgrade of Light' festival in the Grad Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia
2009 September - Participant at “Machine Divas”, Upstage 090909 online festival on 09-09-2009
2009 July - Connected:09 - Symposium / Workshop at Styrian Summer Art, Pöllau bei Hartberg, Austria
2009 July - Workshop Webdesign at Styrian Summer Art, Pöllau bei Hartberg, Austria
2009 June - Participant at exhibition Recycling Lights at gallery Vzigalica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2009 May - Aether9 Presentation at VideoVortex, Multi Media Center, Split, Croatia
2009 March - Participant at the Easter Market, gallery 'Alte Raika', Nestelbach im Ilztal, Austria
2009 February - Workshop Internet and Web 2.0 at Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia


2008 November - Workshop and presentation at Interfiction 08 in Kassel, during the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival
2008 August - Presentation of the project 'Walkersdorf - Center of the World' during the Regionale08
2008 July - ISEA2008 - Presentations of the projects 'No Men's Land', 'Connected:07' and 'Walkersdorf - Center of the World' during ISEA2008 in Singapore, as well as a presentation for Aether9
2008 July - Participant in the exhibition 'Smenj smeti - Waste fair' - recycle art - in Gallery Škuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2008 July - Mother:Earth - Workshop with women from arabic and european countries at Wd8, Austria
2008 July - Presentation of the project 'Walkersdorf - Center of the World' during the Regionale08
2008 June - Workshop Webdesign 'Netz und Natur' at Styrian Summer Art in Pöllau bei Hartberg, Austria
2008 April-June - Workshop Flash at Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia - Creating a website for an installation about Primož Trubar that was presented at Ljubljana Castle on June 19, 2008
2008 April - Contribution for the 9th International Biennial of Miniature Art in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia
2008 April - Installation at the Kabinet of the Domestic Research Society in the courtyard behind Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2008 February - Workshop Webdesign at Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia - February 11-15, 2008


2007 December - Wd8-Publication 'Connected:07 - Art in the Pigsty'
2007 November - Connected:07 at NCC07 - Live performance by cym, Lojz and the Wd8-pig at the Netart Community Convention in Graz, Austria.
2007 September - Connected:07 - The first presentation of the Connected:07 project at Wd8 is on September 29, 2007.
2007 September - Pri meni na vrtu... Cym is one of the guest-artists at the project 'Pri meni na vrtu...' by Rene Rusjan in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2007 September - The project 'No Men's Land' is presented during the Paraflows 2007 exhibition in Vienna
2007 August - 'Going Blind' - A project by Broccoli Art Group as part of the 4th Contemporary Art Exhibition at Visionario, Udine, Italy
2007 July - Workshop recycling with children during the closing event of the Styrian Summer Art festival in Schloss Pöllau in Pöllau bei Hartberg, Austria.
2007 July - Linz in HTML - Workshop webdesign during the /etc in Linz, Austria - July 11-15, 2007
2007 May - Presentation of cym's recycling products as part of the Styrian Summer Art exhibition at Schloss Pöllau, Austria
2007 April - Coordination/hosting of the film recordings of 'Shadow on the Wall' at Wd8 -
2007 April - Workshop Photoshop at Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2007 March - Presentation of the project 'No Men's Land' at the exhibition *cyber feminism past forward* at VBKOE in Vienna, Austria
2007 March - Start of regular work for - creating websites for styrian winecellars
2007 March - Preparatory meeting for In Balance in Linz, Austria -
2007 February-March - Website for Slovenian experimental band The Stroj -
2007 February - Workshop Webdesign for beginners and advanced at Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2007 February - Exhbition 'Patchwork - Nano and cym in Graz' at Palaver, Graz, Austria


2006 November-December - Presentation of cym's recycling products at the xmas market in Graz
2006 October - Participation in the exhibition 'Stop violence against women!', Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
2006 October - Award: Marianne.von.Willemer Frauen.Netzkunst.Preis.06 for the work "No Men's Land"
2006 October - Workshop Flash at Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2006 September - Exhibition 'Oskar and cym in Prague' - Prague, Czech Republic
2006 August - Barajevo, Serbia - Helping to create a small Art Center in Barajevo, about 25km South of Belgrade
2006 July - Styrian Summer Art, workshops recycling, exhibition, presentation, documentation
2006 July - Cliche meeting in Lasko, Slovenia. Contact making seminar for the organization of youth programms in Europe
2006 March-May - Coordination of the first artist-in-residence project at Wd8: Magda Bielesz
2006 February - Workshop Webdesign at Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia


2005 December - Wd8 contribution to the NetArt Community Congress in Dom im Berg, Graz, Austria -
2005 November - 'Local Image' - Artist in Residence Project at Stanica, Zilina, Slovakia, together with artists from Moks, Mooste, Estonia and Dresden, Germany
2005 October - Website for the Forum Festival, October 8-23 at Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria -
2005 September - 42-Gathering at Wd8 - The first event at the Wd8 Cultural Center, an initiative by cym -
2005 August - Workshop HTML/Webdesign at PostsovkhoZ 5, Mooste, Estonia
2005 July - Presentation of the project 'No Men's Land' at Stazione di Topoló - Postaja Topolove, Italy -
2005 June/July - Connected 05 - Connecting Forum Stadtpark Graz and Art Center Sredisce
2005 May - website for 'Gibanica', ongoing program at Art Center Sredisce -
2005 May - design for [prologue] - Reclaiming Europe from a New Feminist Perspective: Theory, Activism, Criticism - A newspaper by Marina Grzinic and Reni Hofmueller
2005 March - website for the ALM12 conference in Melbourne, Australia -
2005 March - workshop HTML/webdesign at Spektral, Graz, Austria


2004 December - 'cym at home' - exhibition at Haus Maximilian, Ibm, Austria -
2004 November - 'cym at home' - exhibition at Galerija Media Nox, Maribor, Slovenia -
2004 November - participation in exhibition 'Metamorfoze', Sredisce, Slovenia - Presentation of the work made during residency at Art Center Sredisce, interactive 3d-installation with game -
2004 October - workshop HTML/webdesign at Art Center Sredisce, Slovenia -
2004 October - participation in comic-exhibition 'GRRR!', Pancevo, Serbia & Montenegro -
2004 September-October - artist in residence at Art Center Sredisce, Slovenia
2004 September - participation in workshop 'producing fanzines' by Aleksandar Zograf at Comic Festival, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria -
2004 August - 'cym at home' - exhibition at Fluss Fotowochen, Wolkersdorf, Austria -
2004 August - 'No Men's Land' - participation in workshop 'Niemandsland' by Alien Productions, Fluss Fotowochen, Wolkersdorf, Austria -
2004 July-September - participation in exhibition 'Danube Streaming Show' by W.A.S. at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria
2004 July - 'r3' - installation at Liquid Music, Judenburg, Austria -
2004 June - 'cym at home' - exhibition at medien.KUNSTLABOR, Kunsthaus Graz, Austria -
2004 May - cym in oskar v prikolico - artist in residence at 'Ready2Change', Ljubljana, Slovenia
2004 January - 'cym at home' - exhibition at Gallery P74, Ljubljana, Slovenia -


2003 December - presentation of two short videos that document the stay at Hotel Rhizom in August 2003 -
2003 December - 3 days workshop 'Net and Nature' - exploring the city Graz and the traces left by the year 2003 when Graz was Cultural Capital of Europe
2003 November - 'cym at home' - participant at Kunst/Trans, exhibition in Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz, Austria - curated by Werner Fenz -
2003 November - publication of 4 pages from the project 'cym at home' in Lichtungen, magazine for Literature, in connection to the exhibition Kunst/Trans
2003 October - design of the new website for Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria -
2003 October - co2 - a project by e l e k t r o [ ] for 'Local Task' as part of 'Graz 2003 - Cultural Capital of Europe'. Open source software package that offers an alternative way of connecting different installations to let them exchange data and interfere with each other via the Internet using Python and PD -
2003 October - Heimat - a project by Jean-Baptiste Fouda for 'Local Task' as part of 'Graz 2003 - Cultural Capital of Europe'. Website with as central theme the life between two very different cultures. The design of the website tries to connect the different memories and experiences in a way similar how they are connected to each other in out thoughts -
2003 September-November - exhibition in Hotel Rhizom - documentation of the stay in Hotel Rhizom in August, with installation, video and a pancake-comic
2003 September - workshop 'Comics and Net' during the tonto comics-festival in Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria -
2003 August - Connected part 2 - 'The Third Space' - researching the possibilities during a 10 days workshop to connect two real spaces (Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria and Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenia) in such a way that a new, abstract 'third space' emerges. Results of the workshop are presented via a performance and a small exhibition at the end of the workshop in Forum Stadtpark -
2003 August - artist in residence at Hotel Rhizom, Graz - every wednesday running the 'one-table-restaurant', serving pancakes in an old-dutch-pancake-house-style
2003 June-July - 3 comics for the MiNiMAL comics-series of comics-label 'tonto' in Graz -
2003 June - 'Danube Streaming Show' - performance by WAS (Womyn's Art Support) live via Kunstradio in Vienna, a take off for the WAS-Danube-journey. The next morning cym joins the women one station on their journey, from Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia -
2003 June - Connected part 1 - a network-cooperation between Forum Stadtpark, Graz and Pekarna, Maribor - organised by Eva Ursprung and cym - including presentation of the first public co2-network - -
2003 April - Schleife - A comment on the Austrian Government - exhibition at Esc im Labor, Graz. Photodocumentation of the demonstrations in Vienna and Graz during February-June 2000 and design of a game based on Ludo with the political situation in Austria as central theme -
2003 April - concept and design of 14-page children-book, together with Maria Slovakova -
2003 April - 'Zvrgoli 2002' - installation at exhibition 'Fehlschlaege? Ein Exkurs ueber das Scheitern' in Wolkersdorf, Austria - design of 6 analog gameboards - photos
2003 February-March - organisation of the 'Shark-Week' at Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria - Presentation of the server '', maintained by cym from March 2001 until April 2005


2002 December - 'Zvrgoli 2002' - installation at exhibition 'Fehlschlaege? Ein Exkurs ueber das Scheitern' at Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria - 14 days playing games with the visitors, collecting the results 'success' and 'failure' -
2002 August - RE//Konstruktion - virtual-real-3d-installation at Liquid Music 2002 in Judenburg, Austria -
2002 July - 42-week at Pavelhaus, Laafeld, Austria -
2002 May - Oskar Nano Ante Cosmo -
2002 April - 42-evening in celery's_the juice bar -
2002 January-March - workshop HTML with 14 schoolgirls at highschool b(r)g Carneri, Graz, Austria -


2001 December - 'Shadow Casters' - workshop HTML/webdesign as part of 'Shadow Casters' workshop in Bologna, Italy -
2001 August-September - workshop HTML/webdesign with african-artists-group Baodo - Graz, Austria -
2001 August - 'cym at home' - website-presentation at the Fotowochen in Wolkersdorf, Austria -
2001 July - 'Shadow Casters' - workshop HTML/webdesign as part of 'Shadow Casters' workshop in Zagreb, Croatia - exploring the city transferring into a website
2001 May-June - 'web versenken / sink the web' - workshops HTML and design of website with local people of village 'Ibm' in Austria researching the connection between the web and the swamps -
2001 May - 'Autopoiesis' - installation/performance with Ales Zemene at Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenia - connecting real life and vr
2001 March - until April 2005 maintaining the Internet-server 'shark' at Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria -


2000 December - Odzak - building a multi-media classroom in Odzak, Bosnia & Herzegowina - workshop HTML and website with the students -
2000 November - 'Somniarium' - 42 - 9 people spend 9 days together in 1 gallery, living and dreaming - Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2000 October - 42-video-evening in Exc im Labor, Graz, Austria -
2000 August-September - hEXPO - International festival of self-organizing cultural forms - Koper-Ljubljana-Maribor, Slovenia -
2000 July - FiSoLe - Free Linux Workshop in Kunstwerk, Vienna, Austria -
2000 March-April - Metelkova Mesto - A 3d virtual world of a real existing place -
2000 January-July - Webdesigner at BIOS Internet Handels- und DienstleistungsgmbH., Vienna, Austria
2000 January - Graphics for 'Emigraphia - Balkanski Ram', a project by Katarina Pejovic -

1999 and before

1999 December - 42-video-evening in the pink container, Vienna, Austria -
1999 September-October - Participant with 42 in exhibition 'Net_Condition' at Steirischer Herbst 1999 in Graz, Austria - postcards & Flash-games -
1999 September - Flash presentation for Cybertown
1999 August - 3 Images for the WorldCon 99, presented at the Cybertown Art Gallery -
1999 May - VRML-multi-user-world for Elevator, with real-audio and webcam connection, AMP, Amsterdam -
1999 February - 42-performance at Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria -
1998-1999 July 1998 - August 1999 - Webdesigner at The KEY Agency, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1998 November - 'The sound of planets colliding on dark nights in distant galaxies' - Video by the users of mailing-list 42, made via the Internet using real-audio, mixed in Ljubljana, Slovenia - with animations by cym - - Video now online at
1998 June - New York City, design of logo and poster for WASN (Women's Agressive Skating Network) -
1997-1998 April 1997 - May 1998 - DTP-er/graphic designer at Graphic Dynamics, Laren, the Netherlands
1997-1998 Weekly radioshow at DFM RTV INT
1996-1997 September 1996 - April 1997 - DTP-er/graphic designer at monthly newspaper MUG in Amsterdam
1996 October - Website for PH31 - cultural centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1995 Catalogue for exhibition 'Bermuda Calls' with students from Rietveld Academy and University of Communication Science in Amsterdam
1993-1996 Flyers, posters and monthly program leaflet for cultural centre PH31 in Amsterdam


1993-1996 - Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
2009-2011 - Interaction Design & Unstable Media at DOGtime, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
2012-2013 - Post-Graduate Training 'BIK' - 'Artist in the Classroom', at the HKU, Utrecht


Cym is currently living in the Netherlands.
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