No Men's Land

Wd8 - Art in the Pigsty


Cym At Home - solo exhibition in gallery 44QM, Hartberg, Austria and in the Basement of the Art Building, Harmelen, Netherlands
Black and white photography with color details, large prints, 70 x 48 cm.

The photos show everyday life situations in the Netherlands and in Austria. Small details are highlighted in black and white compositions, turning everyday situations into something special.


Liquid Music - Judenburg, Austria
An interactive installation in which circles and sounds are triggered via a keyboard played by the audience .



Oscar in China - A film by CYM - 28 minutes
Originally recorded in 2008, in Shanghai, China. Three years of editing. The film is released online in 2011.

The material for the film is recorded entirely with a small digital camera with a possibility to make movies. The movie quality of the camera is rather poor, but Cym manages to turn it into a fascinating story about a small boy visiting China.



2011 is the year in which I finally graduate from the Rietveld Academy.
I studied at the Rietveld Academy from 1993 until 1996, but didn't finish at that time. Now, more than 15 years later, I have finally found the right direction for me to graduate: Interaction Design & Unstable Media - it simply didn't exist yet back in 1996.

Publication: 'The Artist as Avatar' - research on the role of the artist in the 21st century
Installation: 'The Artist can't Dance' - research on stereotypes about the artist

Many of the projects which I made during my two years at ID-UM are at:



Into the Unknown - With Nadira Araj
A visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
After visiting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem I am so confused that I put all my experiences of this very short trip together in four publications and a video installation. The publications tell my story of getting there and my experiences while being there. The video installation is an endless loop showing Tel Aviv on one side and Bethlehem on the other side. Two cities, so close together and yet so far away from each other. A preview of the video installation is at:



Connected:09 - Pöllau bei Hartberg, Austria - from July 10 until 19, 2009
Symposium / Workshop / Lab
during styrian summer_art 2009
connecting arts and recycling
organization by Cym and Michaela Zingerle

Participating artists: Jez Riley French, Natalia Borissova, Hazel Lim, Rafat Asad, Margarita Benitez, Catherine Hsin, Primož Oberžan.



Walkersdorf - Center of the World - Wd8, Walkersdorf, Austria
Participating artists: Pila Rusjan, Luka Dekleva, Luka Princic, Heidi Zenz.



Connected:07 - Wd8, Walkersdorf, Austria
Participating artists: Belinda Ziegler, Eva Nina Cajnko, Nicole Pruckermaier, Primož Oberžan, Luka Princic, Franz Bauer and guests.



No Men's Land - A project by Cym, transforming real life border situations into abstract HTML tables.
The project was awarded with the Marianne.von.Willemer Frauen.Netzkunst.Preis in October 2006.



Connected 05 - Forum Stadtpark Graz / Art Center Središče
Workshop/Discussion/Presentation connecting Forum Stadtpark, Graz and Art Center, Središče
Participating artists: Bettina Fabian, Miha Ciglar, IOhannes Zmölnig, Nicole Pruckermaier, Vita Žgur, Julij Borštnik.



Metamorfoze - Art Center Središče, Slovenia
Reconstruction of the Art Center located in the woods on the Slovenian-Hungarian border.
This time the interaction of the user with the virtual space was triggered through a well-known boardgame.


R3 - Liquid Music Festival, Judenburg, Austria

Continuation/remake/addition of the 2002-installation, together with Ludwig Zeininger
This time access to the virtual world is offered via 3 separate computers in the foyer. The results of the visitors navigating the space and leaving their traces in the virtual space can be seen in a different room.



connected 03 - Forum Stadtpark Graz / Pekarna Maribor

Workshop/Discussion/Presentation connecting Forum Stadtpark, Graz and Pekarna, Maribor, organization together with Eva Ursprung. Participating artists: cym, Bettina Fabian, Eva Ursprung, Miha Ciglar, Peter Kosir & son:DA, with guest appearances of Borut Wenzel, Toni & Radeja.



RE//konstruktion - Liquid Music Festival, Judenburg, Austria

Performance/installation during the liquid music festival in Judenburg, together with Ludwig Zeininger.
Creating an installation where the real people can interact with the virtual avatars.



Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenia - International Festival of Computer Arts

Performance/installation at Gustaf, Pekarna, as part of the International Festival of Computer Arts. Connecting the real Pekarna and the virtual Pekarna. A reconstruction by cym. Performance together with Aleš Zemene and Eva Ursprung.


Metelkova Mesto, Ljubljana, Slovenia - hEXPO

VRML-reconstruction of the Metelkova complex by cym. The VRML-world was included in the suburbs of the online virtual community 'cybertown', where it can still be visited now, 7 years later. The reconstruction was presented as a performance during hEXPO in August 2000, together with Rahel Zweig and Aleš Zemene, in Gromka, Metelkova.



AMP, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Elevator Party

A connection by cym between the real space and the virtual space.


For more information about Cym's projects contact CYM at:


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